Are you due a packaging MOT?

Do you need a packaging MOT?

Could you save money by packaging your products differently?

‘That’s how we’ve always done it’ can be the response when the team at Dairi-Pak ask why a product is packed in a certain way.

It’s not a criticism; the old cliché…  ’if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ is a cliché for a reason!  In the case of packaging however, whilst something might not appear broken, it does not mean there aren’t improvements to be made.

Below is a list of questions we’ll typically ask if we are given the opportunity to carry out a packaging audit (whether that’s on a single line or across your whole cardboard packaging range);

  • Is the case the correct size? (no unnecessary ullage, best orientation of product)
  • Can the case size be amended to fit the pallet better? (more per pallet means lower logistics costs)
  • Is the board grade suitable for purpose? (is the optimum grade being used?)
  • Does the style of the pack make erection/packing too complicated or slow?  (Can design improvements reduce labour costs?)
  • Is the packaging being ordered and delivered in the best quantities? (Would smaller runs reduce on site stockholding.  Likewise for high volume lines, would a stock and serve option reduce lead times and space taken up by corrugated packaging?)
  • Is the case plain or one colour? (Can value be added to your product/brand by printing multiple colours?)

It’s all the more important to investigate whether you are utilising the optimum specification for your application as raw material prices for corrugated cardboard (i.e. paper) continue to rise.  We appreciate most of our customers are battling price increases across most of their raw materials so any reductions in spend (whether that be from a change in specification or a reduction in labour and logistics costs) can only be welcomed!

If you’d like us to carry out a packaging audit for you please get in touch to arrange a visit from one of our experienced customer support team.   In order to carry out a comprehensive review, it’s important that we see how you use the product in situ.  Seeing how a box, tray or fitment is processed from when it arrives on your site to when it leaves your door is critical to understanding what your optimum solution is.

Call our team on 01939 260342 or email to book a visit.

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