Environmental Policies


Operating from a beautiful, rural location in Shropshire means the environment is very close to our hearts. Not only do we supply a 100% recyclable product, with the paper being from sustainable forestry, we operate in an extremely environmentally responsible manner.

All process waste is recycled. Wash down water from the printing process is evaporated in a vacuum to produce ink solids (which are turned back to black ink) with the only bi-product being distilled water. Our fleet of brand new ‘low emission’ delivery vehicles ensure we minimise our carbon footprint and emphasise our commitment to our Environmental Policy (and ultimately ISO14001).

An overview of our environmental policies:

  • All of our policies comply or exceed our legal environmental obligations.

  • All of our future activities are assessed for their likely implications on the environment.

  • We regularly survey our business to find new ways to reduce our energy and water consumption.

  • Our vehicles are regularly serviced to lower pollution, emissions and waste.

  • We strive to minimise waste and recycle all process waste from production.

  • All staff are aware of our environmental policies, and why those polices are in place.

  • We design packaging to maximise performance and minimise the use of material.

Lean Manufacturing

In 2008 Dairi-Pak committed to the adoption of Lean Manufacturing principles. Since then Platt Mill has been transformed into one of the most efficient Sheet Plants in the UK. Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) has doubled during that time and we continue to be committed to Lean Manufacturing and ethos of continual improvement and best practice in all areas of business.

So how does this benefit you?

Lean Manufacturing centres around eliminating waste of all types in the production process. By adopting Lean Manufacturing Principles we minimise process waste, material, time, labour, glue, ink, transport etc. The net result is efficiently manufactured products each and every time. Thus, minimising the cost of manufacture and maximising process control and therefore product quality.  

So the benefit to you; low cost packaging that is right every time.


Carbon Neutral Corrugated Cardboard.

2019 saw the commissioning of CorrBoard Bioenergy's (CB Bio) bio energy plant adjacent to the CorrBoard UK corrugated sheet manufacturing plant (of which Dairi-Pak is a shareholder).  The innovative site means that the raw material we use from the Scunthorpe plant to manufacture your cardboard boxes and packaging is carbon neutral.  

It should be noted that the cardboard we use to manufacture your corrugated cardboard products is carbon neutral, but the finished product is not.  We would have to make your boxes on site in Scunthorpe for that to be the case!  However, we continue to work hard towards minimising our environmental impact at our site in Shropshire in as many ways as we can.  For example, our ink supplier uses ingredients based on a sustainable, natural sources that can be replanted and regrown.


Have you spoken to one of our team about applying FSC® certification to your products?  If you would like to demonstrate your responsible approach to sustainable packaging sourcing to your customers, get in touch and we can walk you through the easy steps.

The FSC® promotes environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial, and economically viable management of the World’s forests, covering the following;

  • Sustainable and responsible sourcing of timber.

  • Protection of the rights of indigenous people.

  • Community relations and workers’ rights being adhered to.

  • The plantation of new trees to replace those harvested.

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