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Corrboard UK


Dairi-Pak are proud to confirm our involvement as shareholders in the most exciting development in our industry for 20 years – CorrBoard UK.

From this month we will be receiving sheet board off the most modern and technically advanced corrugator in Europe. What will this mean to you – our customers ?

In short – More choice of grades, shorter lead times & noticeably better quality

“We are delighted to be part of this Industry changing venture – Having a hand in changing our market place for the better. More competition resulting in greater choice, shorter lead times, better quality and an acceleration in innovation. All these things lead to a greater choice for buyers of boxes.” – Tim Gray, Managing Director.

In recent years there has been an Industry move to light-weighting of papers and paper substitution often without the sheet plant or customer’s knowledge. When rumbled – the argument has been “Paper making is improving and we can achieve the same performance with less fibre and lighter papers.” You have to ask the question – who benefits most from this ? Many people believe the answer is – papermakers and paper groups. This trend of ‘light-weighting without consultation’ has left a lot of customers feeling short changed and misled – us included.

 “I can make you this promise today – CorrBoard and Dairi-Pak will give you a much greater choice of board grades and total ‘transparency’ and consistency on the papers used in our corrugated board.” – Tim Gray, Managing Director.

Tim and Gareth Visit CorrBoard
Tim and Gareth Visit CorrBoard

He continues “You can now be confident on the make-up and performance of your corrugated packaging & rely on Dairi-Pak as a strong independent sheet plant that has part ownership of the best corrugator in Europe.”

“This is the dawn of a new age – the rise of the Independents within our Industry. My advice to you today – ‘Find a good independent sheet plant and work closely with them over the coming years.'”

Environmental Considerations

Not only is the Fosber 2.8m corrugator ‘state of the art’, it is one of the most efficient and hence ‘greenest’ corrugators in the World. With Fosber’s bespoke full line ‘Environmental Enclosures‘ not only does the plant offer an operator friendly working environment it uses 40% less energy to run than older corrugators in the UK.

Not content with this energy saving CorrBoard have plans to invest in an Anaerobic Digester plant which will generate more than enough electricity to run the plant with the excess electricity being sold back to the National Grid. This will make the CorrBoard operation Energy Neutral.


In line with their extremely enlightened Environmental Policy corrugated sheet board will be delivered, to Dairi-Pak and other partners, without pallets. This has an immediate cost benefit (saving over £1m on the cost of pallets); but the real environmental saving is being able to get 10% more sheet board on a 40ft trailer. This reduces vehicle movements and mileage by 10% & therefore saves 10% on fuel & ultimately emissions.


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