Dairi-Pak Goes Lean!

The adoption of Lean Manufacturing principles has lead to substantial investment in new machinery at Platt Mill. Both case making lines have been upgraded with the addition of two brand new direct drive Anderson Corporation Minifold gluing units. This £1/4million investment has improved glue application, quality of fold, gap control and most importantly speed of production. By effectively joining the printing and slotting process with the gluing process, the in-line case making lines have eliminated 4 people from the two case lines and increased run speeds significantly.

The two new case-making lines are now in full production along with a newly installed automated material handling system with in-line pallet-strapper and stretch wrap turntable. This gives each case line the ability to manufacture 2 colour cases at speeds of between 6000 and 14000 an hour. The ability to manufacture cases at speed, with clear print definition and slot accuracy ensures Dairi-Pak can continue to maintain very short lead times and very competitive prices.

The adoption of Lean Manufacturing has taken approximately 6 months so far but as Shaun Holloway, Production Director states “Lean Manufacturing is a journey and not a destination, it requires a shift in culture away from ‘old school’ thinking and a move towards recognised Lean principles. All personnel need to be engaged in the process and be committed to the changes that need to happen to take us from an industrial workplace to a visual workplace.” The early signs are encouraging and have resulted in some beneficial improvements in process efficiency and product quality.

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