Time to Review Your Ecommerce Packaging?


The packaging you use to send your products out to your customers is coming under greater scrutiny than ever before by the end user.

The demands on an Ecommerce box or pack are high:

  • It has to protect your product through an increasingly brutal supply chain network
  • It has to deliver a seamless user experience (i.e. be easy to open and reseal in the case of a return)
  • It may have to enhance your brand and provide a moment of delight in the unboxing experience
  • It needs to be sustainable and easily recyclable
  • It must meet the right price point for your products

As we (hopefully!) start to leave the grip of lockdowns and get a feel for how much of the increase in online shopping will ‘stick’ post pandemic, now is a great time to review what you’ve been doing and how to future proof your packaging.

Drapers Online cite one item being handled 20 times or more through the onward supply chain.  What has your return rate been like throughout the last 12 months?  Higher than normal?  Lower than normal?  At an acceptable level?


Of the returns, are a % due to damages on arrival with your customer?  Around 30% of items are returned because items arrive faulty or damaged.  Don’t become part of that statistic!  Our design team can work with you to ensure your product has the right level of protection whilst using the least amount of material.

If an item is simply unsuitable, does your current packaging get the item back to you in a resalable condition?  If we assume one item is handled 20 times or more on its way out to a customer, by the time an item is returned to you, that’s over 40 times!

The end of your packaging’s life is at the forefront of your customers mind i.e how easy is it to dispose of or recycle.  For that to be seamless and easy, consideration needs to be given at the R&D stage.  Are your materials easy to separate out into recyclable plastic and fibre based packaging?  With the Plastic Packaging Tax coming into force in April 2022, the availability, choice or price of your current void fill might change.  We can help you do an exercise on ‘right size’ packaging.  Reducing unnecessary voids not only reduces damages but helps to take out void fill cost and reduces the cost of the outer box and possibly even your carriage charges if you are charged by volume.  It also helps reduce your overall environmental impact.

Do you already insist all of your cardboard packaging is FSC® certified?  It is a great way to demonstrate responsible and sustainable sourcing to your customers.  For no extra cost, we can add the FSC® Chain of Custody certification to your printed packaging.  New to FSC®?  Check out our blog on the programme and the benefits to you and your customers. 


Economies can be found in something as simple as printing directly on the box rather than having to print and apply a label if there’s a consistent message or set of information that needs to appear on every box.  This removes the cost of the label itself and the labour element can be redeployed to gain you better value elsewhere.

If you have areas of your Ecommerce packaging that aren’t working as well as you’d like, contact one of our friendly and helpful team and we’d be pleased to carry out a full review and make appropriate suggestions.  We look forward to speaking to you! T: 01939 260342 E: sales@dairi-pak.co.uk

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