Carbon Neutral Corrugated Cardboard


CorrBoard Bio-energy builds world’s first renewable energy plant for corrugated board manufacture

Firstly, some background for those of you who aren’t familiar with CorrBoard UK;

Dairi-Pak are a shareholder in CorrBoard UK along with 3 other strong, like minded independent sheet plants and VPK.  As a consortium, we champion independence and an environmentally responsible approach to business. 

As part of the drive to be Europe’s most environmentally friendly producer of corrugated cardboard, we are very pleased to announce the commissioning of a bio energy plant on the CorrBoard site in Scunthorpe. 

CorrBoard Bioenergy (CB Bio), is a joint venture between CorrBoard UK shareholders Swanline Group and McLaren Packaging.  Together, they have invested £5.5M in the creation of the world’s first sustainable energy generation facility fuelled by organic waste to provide heat and power for the manufacture of corrugated sheet board.  The autonomous neighbouring business, effectively makes CorrBoard UK’s production ‘carbon neutral’, providing an advantage to its customers and partners.

The investment facilitates the manufacture of carbon neutral corrugated sheet board for use at the shareholder’s sheet plants, including Dairi-Pak Ltd.

The plant has the capacity to divert 25,000 tonnes of biological waste from landfill to provide more than twice CorrBoard UK’s energy consumption, or enough electricity and heat to sustain 1,500 homes. The plant is modular in construction and therefore output capacity can be increased in future.

Swanline and McLaren are already advanced in their goal of creating a circular economy for some of their food producing customers.  We would be pleased to engage with you if you are involved in food manufacturing to investigate whether this compliant option for food waste disposal could offer you a benefit.  Clearly however, local availability to the Scunthorpe site is more prudent in order to reduce carbon inputs.   The by-product from the plant is a quality fertiliser, pasteurised and certified to PAS 110.  This means it is suitable for spreading on local farmland to aid crop growing, and thus beginning the cycle again.


Tim Gray, Managing Director of Dairi-Pak was quick to congratulate Swanline Group and McLaren Packaging on their successful delivery of a bold vision

I applaud the vision and resolve of Nick Kirby and Donald McLaren to conceive and deliver this project.  It has been 4 years in the making and is now producing low cost, low carbon Electricity and as much hot water as CorrBoard will ever need.  Our customers should ‘shout from the rooftops’ that their corrugated packaging is manufactured from sheetboard that is produced by the UK’s first Carbon Neutral sheetfeeder.

With BioConstruct’s advanced processing and software technology, the CB Bio plant can be operated remotely out of hours to maximise the efficiency of the plant.  Reassuringly, CorrBoard UK has the ability to switch seamlessly between electricity from CB Bio and the National Grid, thereby providing protection against outage from either source.

It should be noted that the cardboard we use to manufacture your corrugated cardboard products is carbon neutral, but the finished product is not.  We’d have to make your boxes on site in Scunthorpe for that to be the case!  However, we continue to work hard towards minimising our environmental impact at our site in Shropshire in as many ways as we can.  For example, we have recently changed our ink supply to a sustainable, natural source, based on ingredients that can be replanted and regrown.  

Our sheet board raw material is also FSC® Certified.  You can buy cardboard packaging from Dairi-Pak Ltd with the confidence that you are helping to ensure our forests are alive for generations to come.

Have you spoken to one of our team about applying FSC® certification to your products?  If you would like to demonstrate your responsible approach to sustainable packaging sourcing to your customers, get in touch and we can walk you through the easy steps.

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