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Dairi-Pak Managing Director Tim Gray said: “We were more than happy to give Chalk the boxes they need. Their volunteers, here and in Calais, are a terrific example of how community spirit and organisation can achieve great things. These supplies are potentially life-saving as the winter approaches.” Gemma Cassin from Chalk, said: “We’re v

Our MD’s love of amateur drama and a wish to help the neighbours over the festive season inspired us to help a theatre group in its hour of need. We donated £500 to the Ruyton Amateur Theatrical Society (RATS) after the dimmer pack controlling its lighting recently failed – meaning it needed both a new pack and lighting board. For our Man

Following the installation of the latest Series 6 sample table, independent sheet plant Dairi-Pak have been reaping the benefits of upgrading to a faster and more efficient sample service. In any sheet plant there is always a pressing urgency for samples, be they design modifications at the eleventh hour, the need for 20 off for a transit

The adoption of Lean Manufacturing principles has lead to substantial investment in new machinery at Platt Mill. Both case making lines have been upgraded with the addition of two brand new direct drive Anderson Corporation Minifold gluing units. This £1/4million investment has improved glue application, quality of fold, gap control and m

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