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Digital Print on Corrugated Packaging

We are pleased to announce the installation of a Konica Minolta PKG-675i digital printing press at our cardboard packaging manufacturing site in Shropshire.

PKG-671i digital printer - Dairi-Pak


Why have we invested in digital print and why now?

Changing consumer behaviour, specifically the staggering increase in online purchasing, has prompted us to invest in a digital printer to enable our pivoting customers to enhance the ‘unboxing experience’ for their clients who are receiving their products in the post or via courier. Many of our customers are demanding messaging and strong branding on the inside of postal packs whilst leaving the outside of the pack anonymously plain. This is particularly important to those customers shipping high value items where the potential for theft is a concern, but the perception of quality is important.

What advantages and opportunities can digital print on corrugated deliver?

  • The ability to run a unique print on every batch increases engagement as each batch can be tailored to specific events and themes (or even individual customers).
  • The ability to apply high quality, full colour digital print to a range of stock products is a game changer.  It will allow us to offer the cost benefits of bulk production runs to consumers of smaller quantities. 
  • For short run batches of boxes full colour, high-definition print is now possible without the ‘on cost’ of printing plates or stereos. The cost of these would often make the print run unviable or severely limit the demand for these printed short runs.

To take this to the extreme it is now practical and affordable to make a single printed sample or prototype to sell the idea to prospective customers, prove a concept or for approval prior to manufacturing a print run.


I have to supply one of our biggest customers with digital samples before proceeding to manufacture and have used the same digital printer for these for the last 10 years or so. I decided to try Dairi Pak due to time constraints and they did not disappoint. From quotation through to delivery Dairi-Pak’s communication and professionalism were second to none.


The product was exactly what I needed and my customer was very happy – I will be using Dairi-Pak for my digital packaging needs going forward.                          

Team Leader - Independent UK Packaging Manufacturer 

Isn’t Digital Print very expensive?

Let’s be honest digital ink is expensive when compared to flexo ink. 

However, making boxes using traditional flexo print makes printed short runs problematic due to the cost of print stereos, set up times and the need to mix inks. Many box makers insist on a minimum run of 1000 or more for printed boxes.

Digital print definitely has a sweet spot - from a single box to around 500 boxes (depending on the box size), digital can be very cost effective.

What are my print options?

Rather than having to use a plain box to ship smaller quantities our customers now have a variety of options: 

  • Inside or outside print (or both)
  • Full colour high-definition print 
  • As much or as little print as required
  • A product or customer specific print
  • Quantities down to a single box

We will be working closely with our customers to explore how our new digital print capabilities can improve, enhance and extend their presence in their traditional or new markets.

If this sparks an idea on how you could enhance your customers' experience or add brand value, please give us a call (01939 260342) or email ( us to arrange a chat to explore further how digital print on corrugated can add value to your business.

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