Can your product be considered a gift? Your product might not currently be considered a gift, but is that just down to the packaging? Gifting is not just restricted to the obvious occasions and holidays (e.g. Valentines Day, Easter, Fathers Day etc.). If you are able to make your product ‘giftable’ you open up a whole new, potentially, ye

“CHOOSE A ‘CLOSURE’ TO SUIT THE APPLICATION” Dairi-Pak pride ourselves on being versatile – there really isn’t anything in corrugated that we can’t supply. However, sometimes the ‘closure’ doesn’t get discussed… We have a variety of ‘closures’ available… Let’s take a look… PVA Glue: This is the most common ‘closure’ and is used on 90% of

“ADD A BIT OF COLOUR – SEE WHAT OUR NEWLY-INSTALLED FOUR-COLOUR CASEMAKER CAN DO FOR YOU…” High quality print in one pass and razor sharp gluing of long narrow boxes – just a two of the features of the latest addition to our factory in rural Shropshire. Dairi-Pak can now produce high quality 4 colour printed cases to close registration on

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