Quick Guide To Commissioning Bespoke Cardboard Packaging


It can seem a daunting task the first time you set about commissioning your very own bespoke packaging.  We're here to try and make the process as simple as possible.  This quick help guide will walk you through the steps.  We are of course on hand every step of the way to assist.

1. Designing your packaging

The design process will be tailored to suit your individual needs and time scales, but here’s a general outline of the main stages;

Stage 1 – We hold a detailed consultation with you (whether in person at Dairi-Pak or at your site, over the phone or by video call) where all relevant requirements can be established.

Stage 2 – We then design packaging concepts to satisfy all aspects of your brief.

Stage 3 – We present ideas and discuss each concept. This way we can refine our ideas to establish the proposed final design.  We can even bring designs to life using 3D renders at this stage to help you visualise the final pack.

Stage 4 – At this stage we’ll generate quotations to ensure the ideas meet your budget requirements (see 2. Quotations)

Stage 5 – We then create a number of physical samples off the sample table for your inspection and approval.

Stage 6 – Upon approval of the sample we can generate cutter guides for artwork if your pack is printed.


2. Quotations

 There may be some terms you haven't seen before on our quotes, for example board grades and box styles.  The below helps explain these:


2. Origination

If your box is printed you will need to have printing plates made, sometimes referred to as print stereos. These will be added to the total cost of your first order.

This cost may be indicated as ‘TBC’ on the initial quotation. If you are happy with the cost of the boxes then let us know, and we will ask our art house to confirm the cost of the printing plates.

If your box or fitment is die-cut it will need to have tooling produced. This would also be added to the total cost of your first order. This cost may be indicated as ‘TBC’ on the initial quotation – if you are happy with the cost of the boxes then let us know and we will ask our tool manufacturer to confirm the cost of the cutting tool.

Some products may need fully drawing up in order for us to obtain set up costs. Please bear with us while we do this.

Once the cutting tools & print stereos have been used for your order, we will hold them on-site for up to 18 months. If unused for 18 months or more these may be disposed of.


3. Production Tolerances

Due to the processes involved, the finished manufactured quantity can differ from your order quantity by + / - 10 % tolerance. Please bear this in mind if you have a set number of products to dispatch and order a higher quantity as required.

For example, if you order 1,000 boxes, we will aim to deliver between 900 and 1,100 finished items.


4. The Sign-Off Process

In summary we will not proceed to manufacture until you have had the opportunity to confirm the specification is correct.

Plain boxes, die cuts & fitments:

A sample will be provided to confirm the size and grade are correct. This may not be provided in the board grade quoted due to the limited availability of sample board on-site. Please ask if you would like to see an exact example of the material required.

It should also be highlighted that samples produced on our CAD sample table are not put through the same processes as a manufactured product and may appear of a thicker calliper than the final production run.


Printed product:

Once the structural design of your packaging has been finalised, we can supply a cutter guide for you to drop your artwork on to.  When supplying artwork, please send a full size .pdf with live fonts and outlines (or alternatively we can also work with .ai and .eps files). If supplying live text, please include the font files. If that is not possible, please convert to outline.

Unfortunately .jpegs and .pngs may not provide the resolution we require to convert your artwork into printing plates.

Even if you provide an artwork file ready to use, we will send you a final PDF to approve to ensure that nothing is corrupted during the ‘making ready’ for print process.

 No artwork? No problem! We can help, just let us know.


Coloured print: 

For flexographic print jobs, we will provide you with a colour swatch which will show you how your colour/s will look on the final product.

Please provide Pantone references with your artwork. 

We will cross reference against this every time we manufacture your packaging to ensure your branding is consistent on every delivery. 


Manufacturing Tolerances:

Different types of product have different manufacturing tolerances. These will be covered with you during the design process and cover size, print position and print registration.

 We have a full design guide available on request, just ask one of our team.


5. Payments

You will be asked to complete an account application form. We can offer 30 days credit terms upon successful application with our insurers. If we are unable to secure insurance cover or you would prefer to pay upfront, then we can issue a proforma invoice.

This invoice will cover the order quantity as well as any origination (set up) costs. Once we receive payment, we will be able to start producing your order.

Once we have made and delivered your boxes we will issue a VAT invoice for the amount produced.  This final quantity may vary +/- 10% from the quantity ordered due to manufacturing tolerances.  Please bear this in mind if you have an exact number of products to despatch.   

If the final quantity falls below the quantity ordered, any balance on your account can then be credited back to you or kept on your account to be used against your next order.  Just email our accounts team to let them know which you would prefer (accounts@dairi-pak.co.uk). 

If the final quantity exceeds the order quantity, the difference will be due for payment. 

Our team look forward to working with you through this process.

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