“ADD A BIT OF COLOUR – SEE WHAT OUR NEWLY-INSTALLED FOUR-COLOUR CASEMAKER CAN DO FOR YOU…” High quality print in one pass and razor sharp gluing of long narrow boxes – just a two of the features of the latest addition to our factory in rural Shropshire. Dairi-Pak can now produce high quality 4 colour printed cases to close registration on

Our MD’s love of amateur drama and a wish to help the neighbours over the festive season inspired us to help a theatre group in its hour of need. We donated £500 to the Ruyton Amateur Theatrical Society (RATS) after the dimmer pack controlling its lighting recently failed – meaning it needed both a new pack and lighting board. For our Man

Dairi-Pak Managing Director Tim Gray said: “We were more than happy to give Chalk the boxes they need. Their volunteers, here and in Calais, are a terrific example of how community spirit and organisation can achieve great things. These supplies are potentially life-saving as the winter approaches.” Gemma Cassin from Chalk, said: “We’re v

It’s that time of Year again to dust off the bike and get out and about. If you haven’t been already… We would like to wish “Good Luck” to all those riders who will be taking part in the Dairi-Pak Mountain Bike Challenge Saturday 9th May 2015. This is the 22nd consecutive year that Dairi-Pak has sponsored this event that has raised hundre

“CHOOSE A ‘CLOSURE’ TO SUIT THE APPLICATION” Dairi-Pak pride ourselves on being versatile – there really isn’t anything in corrugated that we can’t supply. However, sometimes the ‘closure’ doesn’t get discussed… We have a variety of ‘closures’ available… Let’s take a look… PVA Glue: This is the most common ‘closure’ and is used on 90% of

SOME FANTASTIC NEWS FOR ALL OUR CUSTOMERS… Dairi-Pak are proud to confirm our involvement as shareholders in the most exciting development in our industry for 20 years – CorrBoard UK. From this month we will be receiving sheet board off the most modern and technically advanced corrugator in Europe. What will this mean to you – our custome

Staff at Dairi-Pak Ltd were treated to a visit from their local MP last week. Mr Paterson had been invited by owner Tim Gray to have a factory tour and meet staff and at the Ruyton based box manufacturer. “It is critical for the local and national economy that MP’s are kept informed of matters effecting manufacturing companies within thei

Following the installation of the latest Series 6 sample table, independent sheet plant Dairi-Pak have been reaping the benefits of upgrading to a faster and more efficient sample service. In any sheet plant there is always a pressing urgency for samples, be they design modifications at the eleventh hour, the need for 20 off for a transit

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